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C- Consider

H- Harnessing

A- All

L- Life

L- Lessons

E- Essentially,

N- Never

G- Get

E- Exhausted.

After a day long experience of getting refreshed via reading books, I thought long and hard about what I learned especially putting myself in the scheme of what i’d learned. and yes, I did coin that acronym…

Back in 2010, I’d been considering my next move from the spot where I felt stuck but wasn’t sure about taking the next step that I knew I had to take because it involved me uprooting myself from the known, and walking towards the unknown.

The goal couldn’t have been clearer, that it was time for me to move to a place that my eyes saw as an ocean with little chance of survival as I was but a little fish with no hope of survival in that “ocean”.

My fear and consideration of what people would think about me and not the decision to follow through with what I knew was right to do, made me take a detour that was certainly what the Divine permitted but it wasn’t totally part of the plan.

How do I know? Hindsight is a great teacher you know. Truth be told, my fear told me that I wasn’t ready for the leap when all along it was the perfect time to leap, after all, when’s the best time to let go? Is it when you have it all or when you’ve lost it all? Is it when you’ve got nothing to lose or nothing to gain? My brain hurts…

Truth be told, fear was what made me to lose pace with what I should have been a few years back; reminds me about how the 10 out of the 12 Israel spies in the Bible came back with a mixed report that sowed seeds of chaos in the camp to the point that they rose up in unison asking that they be returned to the land of slavery and hardships.

The reality that I speak about though is that at the sight of each challenge, fear arises, blocking out the view of what glory lies beyond the challenge.

And the more I think about it, all I can tell myself is , “Andrew, Consider Harnessing All Life Lessons Essentially Never Get Exhausted”.

This  is essentially what it means to me with each new challenge, that yes, the road would be rough, yes I would probably even feel like giving up and yes I may feel so afraid and alone… BUT if I do not give up on making it work, if I would always consistently be at it even when it seems not to be working, when all is said and done, the reward would be worth the effort.

Once I read a story in a book called “Touched by an E-mail” by Denny Mog;

“A man was instructed by God to go push against a rock that he really wanted to see broken down so he could make a road leading to his house which was in a forest.”

“Each day he pushed against it without fail, thinking it was his job to get that boulder out of the way. After several days, without managing to move the rock one inch, he finally cried out to God saying, “This is hopeless, what’s the essence of pushing against this rock, if I’m never going to be able to get it to move at all?”

“Then God asked him to look at his arms and body… in the process of pushing and all, his body had been “solidified” by muscles, all over him.”

He thought it was his prerogative to move the rock out of the way, but what he failed to see was that the process was to make him a better, fitter man.

And to make the story better, the government came and blew that rock out of the way in order to make an expressway.

So what is asking you to Consider Harnessing All Life Lessons Essentially Never Get Exhausted?

Make it count, your situation is not for your destruction, rather it is here to make you… Don’t give up, the end is in sight. Oh, need I tell you, or should I ask if you’ve ever noticed that the time you want to give up is when the solution is closest? When you walk away in defeat, if you’d observe carefully, you’d realize that you were so close to the end but you chose instead to walk away, like the saying goes, the darkest hour is just before dawn!

Think about it!!

(P.s. Couldn’t find a link to the book from where i read the story)



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