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EXPECTATION = Mirror For Your Heart? (Poem)

I’ll be good, I’ll be bad

I’ll be happy, nay I’ll be sad

Doesn’t matter what you say to me

There’s only one person who can be me.

I’ll be fine, you may leave

I’m as certain as water through a sieve

Doesn’t matter what you do today

My life would be whatever I say.

I’m like a fish in the sea

Probably a grasshopper to your tree

Doesn’t matter what you seem to think of me

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he

I am winning, even when I’m losing

I’m a success as certainly as there’s failure

Doesn’t matter what challenges come my way

I’m determined while there’s sunshine to make hay

I was wrong, now I am right,

I had big problems with my sight

It doesn’t all begin with what everybody can see

At all times it’s a choice to pay the fee.


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