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I get easily tired and weary especially when I feel what I have as a desire, should come as quickly as I have desired it. Essentially, what I am admitting to you is that I set myself up for a fail.

Set myself up for a fail? But, how, do I hear you ask? Why, are you slow?

When, for those who are curious because they empathize, do you set yourself up for a fail? Ah, let’s not kid ourselves with these questions, because the “I” in there, is actually mirroring you.

I set myself up for a fail by believing that what I desire would come to pass as soon as I desire it, or that desiring it alone is the end all and be all of it coming into reality.

Even nature teaches me that when I plant a seed in the soil, it’s not just because I feel like hiding my seed somewhere “safe”, or that I just woke up and said, “I feel like planting this seed today”, no. It started as a desire to see that I had more of that seed, or to prove my worth as a farmer or to even show off that I wasn’t to be left behind in the game of farming; whatever the reason, it was a desire.

But my desire did not come to fruition as soon as I desired it. It took time. Within that time frame, it took perseverance and careful nurturing to ensure that my initial goal was achieved.

O.k, I guess some of us are not into the farm bit, J but let’s not lose the sweet bit.

Understand that I am saying that whatever you desire requires you to take action, make progress within a given time frame that your desire stipulates after which the results would determine whether what you set out to achieve was worth it or not. But, it all started with that one desire.

At this point, I must confide in you, it takes guts and every ounce of encouragement available to not give up on the desire that made the journey necessary. I mean, I desire to be rich, but why is it taking so long? Why can’t I seem get a job? Why is no one noticing my efforts? Why is the pregnancy taking too long to happen? Why is it that when it seems I am down , circumstances still want to beat me into the ground? O,k, too many “whys” just so you’d see my point that there are so many reasons to give up.

It is important to look around and best of all within and find a reason to say, “This desire is worth the effort”.

So much has been said about individuals who were told they couldn’t become what they eventually became, how about adding your name to that list? Most times, looking at the word that brought you here, the idea is that you need an outer spur to egg you on to make your desire count, but hey, why wait for someone to do for you what you can do for yourself?

As I said, here, you need to be at the top of your game in ensuring that the thing that set you out on your “journey” in the first place doesn’t lose its essence.

The people who won the race are the people who refused to give up whether they were ahead or not, but after overcoming all odds, they became what circumstances had told them beforehand that they could never be. They told themselves and believed what they were saying that it was worth the effort and went after it with all passion.

What is obstructing you?

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C- Consider

H- Harnessing

A- All

L- Life

L- Lessons

E- Essentially,

N- Never

G- Get

E- Exhausted.

After a day long experience of getting refreshed via reading books, I thought long and hard about what I learned especially putting myself in the scheme of what i’d learned. and yes, I did coin that acronym…

Back in 2010, I’d been considering my next move from the spot where I felt stuck but wasn’t sure about taking the next step that I knew I had to take because it involved me uprooting myself from the known, and walking towards the unknown.

The goal couldn’t have been clearer, that it was time for me to move to a place that my eyes saw as an ocean with little chance of survival as I was but a little fish with no hope of survival in that “ocean”.

My fear and consideration of what people would think about me and not the decision to follow through with what I knew was right to do, made me take a detour that was certainly what the Divine permitted but it wasn’t totally part of the plan.

How do I know? Hindsight is a great teacher you know. Truth be told, my fear told me that I wasn’t ready for the leap when all along it was the perfect time to leap, after all, when’s the best time to let go? Is it when you have it all or when you’ve lost it all? Is it when you’ve got nothing to lose or nothing to gain? My brain hurts…

Truth be told, fear was what made me to lose pace with what I should have been a few years back; reminds me about how the 10 out of the 12 Israel spies in the Bible came back with a mixed report that sowed seeds of chaos in the camp to the point that they rose up in unison asking that they be returned to the land of slavery and hardships.

The reality that I speak about though is that at the sight of each challenge, fear arises, blocking out the view of what glory lies beyond the challenge.

And the more I think about it, all I can tell myself is , “Andrew, Consider Harnessing All Life Lessons Essentially Never Get Exhausted”.

This  is essentially what it means to me with each new challenge, that yes, the road would be rough, yes I would probably even feel like giving up and yes I may feel so afraid and alone… BUT if I do not give up on making it work, if I would always consistently be at it even when it seems not to be working, when all is said and done, the reward would be worth the effort.

Once I read a story in a book called “Touched by an E-mail” by Denny Mog;

“A man was instructed by God to go push against a rock that he really wanted to see broken down so he could make a road leading to his house which was in a forest.”

“Each day he pushed against it without fail, thinking it was his job to get that boulder out of the way. After several days, without managing to move the rock one inch, he finally cried out to God saying, “This is hopeless, what’s the essence of pushing against this rock, if I’m never going to be able to get it to move at all?”

“Then God asked him to look at his arms and body… in the process of pushing and all, his body had been “solidified” by muscles, all over him.”

He thought it was his prerogative to move the rock out of the way, but what he failed to see was that the process was to make him a better, fitter man.

And to make the story better, the government came and blew that rock out of the way in order to make an expressway.

So what is asking you to Consider Harnessing All Life Lessons Essentially Never Get Exhausted?

Make it count, your situation is not for your destruction, rather it is here to make you… Don’t give up, the end is in sight. Oh, need I tell you, or should I ask if you’ve ever noticed that the time you want to give up is when the solution is closest? When you walk away in defeat, if you’d observe carefully, you’d realize that you were so close to the end but you chose instead to walk away, like the saying goes, the darkest hour is just before dawn!

Think about it!!

(P.s. Couldn’t find a link to the book from where i read the story)



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EXPECTATION = Mirror For Your Heart? (Poem)

I’ll be good, I’ll be bad

I’ll be happy, nay I’ll be sad

Doesn’t matter what you say to me

There’s only one person who can be me.

I’ll be fine, you may leave

I’m as certain as water through a sieve

Doesn’t matter what you do today

My life would be whatever I say.

I’m like a fish in the sea

Probably a grasshopper to your tree

Doesn’t matter what you seem to think of me

As a man thinks in his heart, so is he

I am winning, even when I’m losing

I’m a success as certainly as there’s failure

Doesn’t matter what challenges come my way

I’m determined while there’s sunshine to make hay

I was wrong, now I am right,

I had big problems with my sight

It doesn’t all begin with what everybody can see

At all times it’s a choice to pay the fee.


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I woke up today with this thought firmly on my mind: If you don’t do anything about the future, when you get there, you won’t see anything.

I felt fear, panic and discouragement all at the same time because I stopped to consider this; the fact that I don’t like what I am seeing today is either of these two thoughts, I didn’t do anything about it in the past or what I did wasn’t enough and it made me wonder, what do I want the future to be like?

I asked myself questions in line with what I know from the book of Proverbs 6; Am I a sluggard? Am I lazy in my mentality? Is that why I am where I am today?

So many emotions that I am battling with…I remember the night I sat up in tears, serious tears and I was asking so many questions of God, what did I do wrong? What was I supposed to do next? So many questions that I have asked myself, including this one: Am I losing my faith?

This very question, “Am I losing my faith?” was the most pertinent of questions.

See, all my growing up from childhood to adulthood, I’d been raised in the knowledge that I ought to put my faith in God and some of the times, I’ve missed it in the sense that I left it all up to God even the part I was supposed to play an active role in, thinking that it was only him that needed to “wave a magic wand” over the situation and all would be fine and my faith would be strengthened, but in this situation that I am in currently and several others of this nature that I have been in, I find that  God is not a “genie in the bottle” who has “3-wishes” to give me, instead, he has called me into a life of active faith which is consistent and not seasonal, which stretches under pressure but is not broken.

I’ve come to understand that like the catapult which needs to have its rubber stretched in order for the stone to go forwards, the farther the stretch, the further the stone will go.

Also like the catapult, no matter how much it is stretched, it always returns to the point of “rest” without losing its form or functionality.

Again i asked myself, was I really losing my faith? And I came to the conclusion that no, I wasn’t losing my faith but instead, like the catapult, my faith was experiencing a stretch.

Though I had a faint idea of where I thought I ought to be, I would not be able to get there if my faith wasn’t stretched. And just like that my question was answered.

The experience is still on no doubt but I’ve got a different perspective about it all. No longer am I wondering if I’ve lost “IT”, rather I know that “IT” is still holding unto me projecting me into not just where I think I ought to be, but rather to the place He knows is my place. Ahead and not behind, on top not beneath.

In case you are wondering if you have lost your faith, fear not, He might just be stretching you out a bit so that you will get to where you are to happen. HOLD ON!!!


hold on


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Hey yo!!! 🙂 Yeah you, lol…so I’ve been having this urge since forever now to start out on this project and I always gave myself a reason or the other, the major one being that I had not found a purpose to reach out to you and seek you out to let you know that you are not alone in this that you are going through. I struggled with why I should even reach out to you, telling myself that I didn’t have much to say and that the right platform had not come along…plenty cover stories I must tell you, but finally (one of the last “finallys”, I told my one and only gift from God that I was gonna get going…I sought her opinion about the whole idea that I’d been shifting off till a later date and she with such wisdom, made me see the motivation for me to reach out to you to let you know that you are not alone. She asked me a cardinal question, “What would you call this platform?” and frankly, at first, I told her that I didn’t know but that I was contemplating on calling it “The Diary of a Waiting Man” but that didn’t sound right in my own ears as well. And with such God-given insight and wisdom, she said, “Why not call it MEMOIRS OF THE METAMORPHOSIS?” as the words rolled out of her mouth, I loved it instantly, because it encapsulated what I will be sharing with you. That I am a waiting man also at the precipice of my change…so is everyone if you stop to think about it. We all are waiting for something to happen for us: a breakthrough to the next level, a pay rise at work, a miracle that no man can make happen except God or maybe expectations about having your own child… There’s just something that everyone is waiting for.

This is not set out to solve your problems as well, ‘cos God knows, I’m not able to adequately solve any of mine except by his help added to my willingness to make change happen. All I can do is share what I have experienced firsthand on this journey to a destination better than here and now. So if you’d accept to, take my hand or just hang on to my words, because I’d always want you to see the duo that can make things happen for you, you and God Almighty. My own purpose is to stand with you and make the wait worth it… I’m not going to pretend that I’d take the sting out of the process, because the reality of it is that the process is also part of the package; but what I want to offer you is the knowledge that you are not in it alone. Imagine if sugar came not as refined sugar but as the sugarcane plant and said “here I am, put me in your … (add whatever you think you’d like to put sugar in)” I’m pretty sure that knowing what you know, you’d politely (can you be polite to a sugarcane plant? I wonder) tell it “non, merci”. I’m sure you catch my flow, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel but ask you to expect a great ride cos like the saying goes, “The darkest hour’s just before day”




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