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We woke up this morning to memories of this day 2 eventful years ago..
We wondered how it should be that we who were newlyweds then are not only eternally joined but still working well at it…
I share with you, a poem celebrating my wife and best friend Anita Giwa:

You’ve been a great friend
You’ve been a faithful lover
You’ve been a supportive wife
Above all, you’re my great friend.

We’ve had arguments, not a few
We’ve even disagreed, at times
We’ve experienced emotions of all kinds
But I’m glad I’ve got you, friend.

I’ve experienced love from you
I’ve seen your kind heart upclose
I’ve made decisions that made no sense
Still you’ve stayed by me, a friend.

Our lives have grown through phases
Our love has weathered a few storms
Our Joy has known no bounds
Because we have grown as friends.

It has not been by effort alone
It has not been by our wisdom
It has not been by village sense
God has been our ultimate friend

Many have come along on this way
Many have fallen on this way
Many have seen joy elude them
We are together, always friends.

Not to us, be the glory
Not to us, be the praise
Not to us, our hearts won’t take pride
But to our God be praise for these years together.

I’ll always love you babe, as long as there’s breath in me. :*


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