21 Jan

I enjoy playing the game of monopoly, when I was growing up, I was told that monopoly was a game that encouraged gambling. I was rather intrigued by the game but I held back cos of the G-word and I didn’t want to do what was wrong…

A few times, I put my hands at the game and I found that it was not what they all said it was and yes it was fun for me as well, I mean after all I could role play that I had cash to do whatsoever I wanted, but I found out that the game could be a long drawn affair as well, or maybe because I didn’t know the game that well then, it felt boring after some time.

Then came the time that I gained recognition for what I stood to learn from playing the game. Yes, playing the game. What I have learned from the principles (not new principles) are things that I apply to my life, and I have seen gains so much and also have my dreams come to reality…

EVERYBODY STARTS AT THE SAME LEVEL – everyone begins the game from a start point, with the same amount of resources, and opportunities ahead of them. No one has the excuse of saying, “It wasn’t a level playing field”. So also in life, you’re at the right place to begin, and all you need is already available inside of you.

EVERYBODY HAS A SHOT AT MAKING CHOICES AND DECISIONS – when you move your piece, wherever you land on, you have the option of buying the space or passing on the option. When you buy, the rule is if you have the complete set of blocks (denoted by colors), you can begin construction and the highest you can build is a hotel (4/5 apartments as the case may be). It’s up to you to go that far or just own one out of the complete set and say, “this is enough for me” but you will never win, even if that’s just what you want. The enemy of better is best; do not settle for less than what you can have.

EVERYBODY HAS THE CAPACITY TO IMPROVE THEIR LOT THROUGH THEIR DECISIONS – what you use your resources to acquire determines if in the long run, you’d be the last man standing. So also with life, I am a summation of all the choices that I’ve made since I could make a decision. The quality of life that I live now is a result of decisions I’ve made in the past, good and bad; my future is dependent on the right or wrong decisions I’m making today.

THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF INVESTMENTS THAT YIELD DIFFERENT RESULTS – Owning the properties that are colored dark blue represents a more valuable decision than those of any other colors. But owning other properties in other areas still represents income that may keep you in the game, though not necessarily winning you the game (except if you own all the other “lesser” areas). Therefore, it’s up to you to get your priorities right. Strive to own what would yield the better results.

IT’S ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE, BUT NOT RESTRICTED TO REAL ESTATE: some say that monopoly is all about real estate, but I’d say it’s a game that tests the quality of your choices. Shelling all your resources on properties that do not carry weight (no high-yield rental) would keep you at the mercy of those owning better cash-yielding properties. Winning, which is the goal of the game, therefore shows if your strategy is good or not.

NEVER PLAY WITHOUT A STRATEGY – this cannot be over-emphasized. Know what you want to do and then stick to the game-plan, make necessary adjustments along the way, but always have a plan.

EVERY DAY TRADING IS TAKING PLACE; YOUR DEVELOPMENT DETERMINES WHAT PREMIUM YOU CAN GET – at a point in the game, you’d have something that an opponent needs for which you don’t have to trade cash to get. You can swap those items. Life throws up such opportunities at us as well; it’s not always all about cash. It could be a service or something you can offer to get what you desire.

YOU DO NOT WIN THE GAME AT A GO – every player has the potential to win the game just by showing up, but only that player that made the best choices overall, gets to be the last man standing.

IN THE END, IT’S THE MAN WHO MAKES THE BEST DECISIONS THAT WINS – therefore strive to be that last man standing.

The error therein is to think that these rules/principles apply only to the game, but the bigger picture is this, LIFE.

I am playing to win, are you?

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