31 Oct

I love to write, read, learn new things and have fun while I’m at it. I enjoy good food, good music, a good laugh, a hearty conversation and solving people’s problems (okay, mine inclusive).

Most times, I say that I can do one or two or three of any of these activities and other ones not mentioned at the same time (like multi-tasking), sometimes, one of them desires and deserves top priority attention. Oh, did I fail to mention that I love playing too? ;).

I can play all types of games, on phones, consoles, board, paper, anything that would keep my mind “engaged” I tell myself.

I guess what I am getting at is the fact that I love being engaged in one thing or the other and so when I need to be fully zoned into one of those things, I find myself wanting to be engaged in doing another thing at the same time which would be to the detriment of the original thing that required my full attention… Like right now as I write, I feel like listening to good music that would not allow me to concentrate on what I am writing… I was writing on another topic when I stumbled upon this topic and decided to pursue this one without completing the other, telling myself that this idea needs to be fully explored and that the ideas for the other one will always be there for me to write later, but this one just cannot wait…hmm!!!

Wait, who am I kidding? What good is it going to be if the music I so badly want to listen to only ends up ensuring that the thoughts I want to share are blocked out?

Okay I confess, most times when I’m taking a poo, I love to solve puzzles as well; taking a poo doesn’t get any interference as it were, but check out the hours i can spend in the loo not because my business in there isn’t over, rather, i want to finish the puzzles first.

Imagine how long it takes me to eat as I surf the internet at the same time, trying to read all the articles that I find interesting and informative… (*Whispering for only you to hear* @lahmeet has threatened to seize my phone on several occasions so, ahem, I guess I’m walking a tight rope on this one)

Several times, I make conscious decisions that I would not do so and so while I’m doing this other so and so activity and before I can say “Lasgidi”, I’m taken away from my original so and so activity… oh wretched man, that I am, who would deliver me from these Distractions? You guessed right, ME!!!

I can’t tell you that I’ve got the perfect solution to ensure that I don’t get distracted other than to say “STAY FOCUSED” but then, you know the petty thieves of your time and focus, as I do mine…

Maybe, just maybe, having a planned schedule and disciplining myself to keep it would help me massively… I shouldn’t be too rigid or too flexible, but remain in a position where everything works in my favor.

A wise man once said “Catch for me those little foxes that spoil the vine”

The laser beam is but a collection of lights brought together and then focused to such an extent that it can cut through anything…

*Straight Face* So, I have concluded that I would focus my attention on one task and successfully complete it rather than have a series of tasks half-done. Excellence demands that I do that in order for me to be successful.

*Sigh* Even as I type, a ping just came into my phone…yikes!!!



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3 responses to “DISTRACTIONS

  1. taiwo

    November 1, 2013 at 7:24 am

    Toh Andrew iyaf cash me. Everybody I must say. I think the key to yeilding to less distractions or none is self discipline and that is really not easy. But if we take it one distraction at a time, we could get there. God help us. Back to my chores! 🙂

  2. reubenrane

    November 16, 2013 at 7:07 am

    So guilty of getting unfocused. The laser beam line makes me want to take control and attain that power of full focusing. Good piece 4 d busy mind. I think u got distracted by this piece from writing the other one o_0.

  3. bemabu

    November 26, 2013 at 7:05 am

    Hahahaha! Yezir, I get distracted too Sir. Kindly hit me on 2A9DA550.


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